Thank you!

By Gretchen Andsager

“The Malibu United Methodist Church” community was so touched by your generosity helping with the aftermath of the California wildfires. In all, Grace United Methodist members raised more than $1,000 for the families who lost their homes. While there, we learned 10 families, not 11, are starting from scratch. The church is still standing thanks to good Samaritans who covered the rooftop to keep embers from reaching it. The church building was still without power when we visited Sunday, November 25. They are also having to give the building special treatment to get the smoke out of it. Otherwise, the church property is okay. 

The church says they are planning to use the donations to help people with groceries. Some members who lost their homes were not insured, so some of our gifts will also go toward helping them. 

The congregation was incredibly thankful for your donations and letters of support. They are so resilient. Even though the journey to recovery will take time, everyone is grasping to hope and the church community as they start again. Thank you again for helping a community that is so close to my heart.