Thank You from Joliet-Trinity Families!

By Nadia Kanhai, Chair of the Commission on Religion & Race

Grace and Joliet-Trinity UMC families have shared the Christmas spirit for at least 18 years! This is one of the longest-running Christmas gift-giving programs Grace Commission on Religion & Race (CORR) has sponsored. 

However, Trinity’s children have grown up and it’s time to initiate new Christmas gift-giving programs. Pastor Ivan Sarabia of Joliet-Trinity shared, “Some families have left the church and the children have grown up and now are young adults. On behalf of our church and families, we would like to thank all the families and members of Grace who have contributed through the years to make this activity possible.” Yes, the Trinity children who peeked at us from behind their mother’s skirts and giggled with delight during pinata games graduated to leading Advent worship and are now young adults! And yet the Christmas spirit lives on. 

CORR is planning a new children’s Christmas gift-giving program for 2019. We hope to make it seamless for Grace Families while revamping the program to empower parents and families with dignity and discernment. We look forward to revealing the revamped program to Grace. Stay tuned for the rollout in November. 

We appreciate your generosity through the years, from serving St. Matthew UMC’s children, to Epworth UMC’s, and more recently, Joliet-Trinity.