The Children's Area (Lower Level)

We are already on the upswing with Grace Children’s programs thanks to the inspiring work of Children’s Faith Formation Director Chamus Burnside-Savazzini and Parent’s Day Out (PDO) Director Claudia Hutchison. We are expanding the vestibule at the “Children’s Center” entrance (Door #3 or PDO entrance), rearranging the PDO Office and Supply Room spaces and installing a reception desk that will enable guests, visitors, and young families to get oriented and directed for Sunday School and the weekday Parent’s Day Out Program.

The inside door to the hallway will be moved out about 4-5 feet into the stairwell, providing greater room inside for Moms with strollers and other child-related items. The desk will have a counter for filling out registration forms, and eventually a check-in system for self-service matching name badges for kids and parents.

The hallways and classrooms will have color-coded entrances, inside and out, to let kids know where they belong. We plan to equip all spaces with updated furniture and play equipment. We especially want our young families to feel like Grace is the place to be! (Larger Floor Plan available in the Church Office.)