The Meaning is in the Waiting ...

By Rev. Cindy Marino

Say, what?!

There is no meaning in waiting!! (said with the exasperation of Tom Hanks in “A League of Their Own” when he cried, “There’s no crying in baseball!”)  

We, as a society have made that determination. We have voted with our feet by pushing the annoyance of waiting completely out of our lives. With instant access to everything and anything, we no longer need to delay gratification as those in years long past.

So, wait for Christmas? Why?! Put up the tree and let’s get on with it!

In the introduction to her book, The Meaning is in the Waiting, Paula Gooder says the church tells us a different story about waiting. Time, it seems, is God’s, and there is enough of it, more than enough. And we can spend it in ways that produce absolutely nothing unless you value peace and goodwill.  

We can linger over a cup of steaming coffee. We can stare into the flames in the fireplace. We can snuggle a puppy. We can create and enjoy beautiful tablescapes or watch football. We can share in prayer with and give a little extra to those in need. We can meet with one another to explore with wonder and curiosity, the ways in which we are different. We can visit the elderly and appreciate their wisdom and candor. In all of these passive activities, we will find our spirits activated and inspired as God’s Holy Spirit finds a way in. 

“More than enough” has been our theme as we have encouraged you to provide the Church with a commitment of your estimated giving for 2019. Time, dollars, love -- is there really more than enough to go around? 

This God of ours wants us to stop living in the fear of scarcity that requires us to be constantly striving for more and relax into God’s abundance that asks us to be aware of God’s "enough."

That’s what we’ll find in the waiting, an awareness of God that fills the space we give it. There’s no meaning without the waiting! 

“I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in His word, I hope;” Psalm 130:5