The Power of the Small

By Rev. Cindy Marino

   I have learned over the years, as a person of less than average stature, the power of small.  I’m sorry to say I can’t credit my learning to some intellectual study of nanotechnology or microbiology as many of you have endeavored in this Naperville science and technology corridor. No, my learning of the power of small comes from a different source. You see, I have been to a lot of gift exchanges over the years. Some have wonderful gifts and others are, well, they’re called "White Elephants."

   When I was a novice at these exchanges, I would go for the biggest, prettiest package. Experience, however, has taught me to be wary of large gifts or those with the most luxurious wrapping. I have learned the power of small. Especially memorable is the year I brought home a harvest gold, non-working four-slice toaster.

   This is the message that Christmas always seems bent on teaching us, even in the midst of raucous holiday music, heavy traffic, blinking lights and bigger-than-life, air-filled Santas on the front lawns. 

One small voice transforms silence.
One small light transforms darkness.
One small prayer transforms the world.
One small child transforms lives.

   Where is the "small’ in your world? Where is the Christ Child crying out for attention? 

   May this year’s Christmas season bring you the blessing that comes in the smallest of packages as the power of God’s presence among us lifts us to new heights in a broken world. 

Merry Christmas!