There’s nothing better than Summer Sundays at Grace!

By Rev. Cindy Marino


Summer Worship:  Holy Heroes, Human Nature and a Good Cup of Coffee!

Holy Heroes!

   Have you ever felt like you are never going to be enough? Maybe you feel that way in your chosen profession, your marriage, your parenting? Maybe you can’t retire because you just haven’t quite reached your goals? Maybe there’s an ability you’ve always felt you lack that keeps you from being the best you thought you could be. Or maybe, you never had expectations 
of being the best, because you are just not.

   You are certainly not alone. Life happens to bend and crack those dreams in all of us.  The funny thing is, God never seems intent upon using those strengths we thought we would have or should have.  Instead, God lands on some weakness in us that we would just as soon bury and forget. And God raises up heroes out of those weaknesses.  

   Our July sermon series will enter the lives of a few folks like us, some of whom were destined for greatness until tragedy intervened. And some of whom were destined for obscurity until God intervened. To illustrate the stories, we’ll look to, of all places, DC Comics! The super heroes in the Superman series have never held any appeal for me, so delving into the dark, comic superhero world has been a new experience!  But I am fascinated by the parallels with the heroes of the Bible. I think you will be, too! Grab your favorite geek and invite them to join you as we enter this new world together. Our Vacation Bible School kids will be learning along with us!

The Ten Commandments Re-imagined!

   As July slips away into August, we will be back on more familiar ground.  We will gather around the mountain where Jesus taught the ten commandments in a whole new way. Our human nature draws us to the black and white of rules. We prefer to know we stand on the side of right, as did our superheroes. We can then leverage our position to bring others to our side.  But, it seems Jesus is aware of our human nature, and calls us to relate to one another in a new and different way, a much messier way, a way of love. We will long to be back in the simple world of the superheroes after a few weeks of challenge from Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount! But being a Christian means being open to that challenge, and through it, perhaps our hearts will grow. 

Sunday Mornings: Coffee and Church

   Summer is the best time of year in the church.  We can venture out in new ways, or lay back and just reflect,  all while taking in the fullness of God in the relaxed peace of a slower pace. What could be better than a Sunday morning walk or a bike ride to church, ending with a good cup of coffee and a time of worship together? Make it a part of your Sunday morning tradition. Come as you are to any of our worship services. Enjoy fair trade coffee in the Activity Center. We’ll bring the donuts!