Top 5 Reasons Your Child Needs To Be In Choir

By Lynn Leitzen, Director of Children's Music Ministry

Grace's Children's Music Ministry will start a new season with a grand Kick-Off on Wednesday, August 21. 

Children's Handbell Choir, 4th grade and up, directed by Debbie Johns meets at 4 p.m. Graded Vocal Children's Choirs meet at 5 p.m. with the Cherub Choir (K-3rd grade) directed by Sue Riedinger & Shelly Drescher and Junior Singers (4th -7th grades) directed by Lynn Leitzen. 

The choir season closely mirrors the school year, meeting late August through mid-May, but seasonal participation is also welcomed. So, if fall soccer is also a passion of your child’s, join us when the season concludes, or when it rains! Choirs rehearse on Wednesday afternoons and sing in worship approximately once a month. There are two musical offerings, one during the Christmas season and the other on Mother’s Day weekend, as well as other special services throughout the year. You need not be a member of our Church to participate in our choir program. And children are encouraged to bring friends from the community or from other churches that may not have a choir program. Our Open Doors Ministry provides support to individuals with special needs so that all persons can worship and fully participate in the life of the church.

So, here are Five of the Top 10 your Child Needs To Be In Choir.  Here is a smaple of the 2018-2019 Children’s Music Ministry Worship/Activities calendar. The 2019-2020 calendar will be posted on our website soon!

1. It’s a lot of FUN!  Because we want your child to love the experience, we incorporate learning games and movement into our rehearsals. We also host social events outside of Wednesday rehearsals for even more fun! (Think hayride, caroling, and lock-in!)

2. Kids who get involved, stay INVOLVED. Kids who get involved in choir at a young age get used to being in church regularly. They form friendships and are then more inclined to participate in our youth program, our mission opportunities, and Confirmation. And it doesn’t stop there. While we’re all familiar with the statistics about how young adults are no longer attending church, statistics also show that young people who HAVE had a meaningful connection to the church in childhood are far more likely to stay involved or return to the church once they are adults with families of their own.

3. They learn what it means to SERVE others. When the choirs lead worship through song, they are serving God and their church. They also learn what it means to serve others outside of the church through mission projects like our Noisy Offering and our year-long commitment to Feed My Starving Children’s Feed the Need Mobile Pack. 

4. Worship participation develops a child’s SELF-ESTEEM and CONFIDENCE. The regular experience of standing on the Sanctuary steps, facing the on-looking gaze of the audience, and then confidently sharing in a creative community goes a long way toward developing confidence and self-esteem. And the children’s musicals offer an even greater opportunity to build on those skills.

5. Children’s choir gives VALUE to children as worshipers. These days, it’s more and more tempting to leave this to the “professionals." Many adults have bought into “church as a spectator sport." When we celebrate the contributions of children leading in worship we show them that their voices count – that they count – in building up the Kingdom of God.

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