Treble Tikes Pre-K Music Offering

By Lynn Leitzen, Director of Children’s Music Ministry

We Guarantee You and Your Child Will Love It!

Classes begin Thursday, September 12, at 1 p.m. 

Fun is just a click away! Class size is limited. 

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In this age of concerns over limiting kids’ screen time, the Children’s Music Ministry at Grace offers an amazing opportunity once a week that promises you and your child pure joy – no charger needed!

We sing. We jump. We dance. We imagine. We explore. We play and we pray. The class engages the Musikgarten Cycle of Seasons curriculum for pre-K children ages 3-5 (with a caregiver) and incorporates a faith-based view celebrating God’s wonderful creation.

The current class offering, 1 p.m. on Thursdays, is conveniently timed to start at the end of Parent’s Day Out, but all are welcome. An additional class offering will be opened if we exceed the ideal class size or have interest expressed for another day/time. If Thursdays are not an option for your family,  please inquire if you are interested in another day of the week. 

The fall class runs from September 12 through December 12 and is offered free as an extension of the Children’s Music Ministry. Read below what others have written about the experience and register today to reserve your and your child’s place at the Treble Tikes welcome rug!

We Guarantee You and Your Child Will Love It!

My granddaughter (Kaitlyn) and I attended many of the sessions that were offered last year.  Kaitlyn enjoyed the sessions very much and really looked forward to attending “her music class.”  It was a great introduction to music. Each session was well organized and thought out.  Although the sessions were 45 minutes long the kids of various ages remained engaged. The program included hands-on activities, opportunities to experiment with musical instruments, rhythm experiences, and movement to music.  All attending were encouraged to participate including the moms and me (the only grandparent).  Both the adults and children developed relationships. Some families remained afterward to play on the church playground.  Thanks for taking the time to organize and present the program.  I hope you continue to offer Treble Tikes. 
-Steve Peters, Kaitlyn’s Grandpa 

“Treble Tikes is a hidden gem. Not only is it a free class, but the content & laughter that emanate from the room confirm that it is kid & parent-approved! Lynn’s energy with the kids is contagious and they learn to love music if they don’t already. The best part is that Lynn allows the kids to be themselves and express their creative energy through music! Highly recommend!”  - Emily B.

”My son learned to sing in class.  It made him so proud & gave him a confidence boost. Additionally, he made close friends & still is enjoying these relationships.  I also enjoyed being with him each week. It was a great bonding time.”   -Susan B.

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