Trustees Update: Parking Lots Complete

By Ron Laub

The lower parking lot is now complete. The water line has been repaired under the parking lot with copper pipe (previously PVC thin wall pipe) which will last for a long time. At the same time a hose connection was installed on the riverside of the parking lot. This allows us to have water on that side without stretching hoses across the parking lot. If anyone needs water on that side, please see Paul Grysh as he has a key to access the connection.

We also will be putting a chain across the road leading to the back side of the lighthouse. We are doing this to prevent unwanted dumping behind it and also to prevent unwanted people from driving behind and hiding there. Again, if someone needs access please see Paul Grysh.

The upper parking lot has been sealed and striped. This is the initial step of a three year process to seal one third of the parking lots every year. This was recommended by the paving companies and will make it easier for budgeting.

Please contact me for more information or if you have questions.