From the local president of United Methodist Women to all women:

We invite YOU to participate in United Methodist Women.
All women of any age or interest are welcome to join at any time. You need not be a member of the United Methodist Church.

Participation in the Grace Unit of United Methodist Women gives each of us an opportunity for growth in our individual spiritual experiences, as well as experiencing friendships that enhance each of our lives. It is an opportunity to give of our individual spiritual gifts while receiving invaluable insight and gifts from others of different ages and strengths.

Mission is our program. We take seriously the command of Jesus to “do to the least of these” Matthew 25. United Methodist Women hear the cries of women, children and youth and constantly look for ways in which we can support each other. Through the global ministries of the church, UMW programs help people become as great as they can be.

Please join us – it’s an exciting relationship!

I'm so pleased to invite you to peruse our new United Methodist Women portion of the the Grace Church website!


To learn more about United Methodist Women you can go to to find links to the District Conference and National organizations and all they do including opportunities for study and spiritual development.

To find out about the unit meetings, fundraisers and upcoming conference/district events go to

To learn more about the small group meetings locally you can go to and find contact emails for the leaders of the various small groups at Grace United Methodist Women.

To find out where our $26,157 mission money was spent in 2016 go to

Phyllis Pepiot, President of UMW