Who is a Grace Gardener?  Maybe, YOU!

By Betty Long

How do Grace Gardeners work?

I have divided up the church’s planting beds, and each person/pair adopts only a designated bed. We have professional landscaping service to do spring/fall cleanup, prune shrubs, and spread mulch. The gardeners typically keep their bed weeded, deadheaded, and—in a few instances—watered when dry. They do it on their own schedule. We share gardening advice, and consult with our leader (currently, me) on changes to be made. I try to assign beds to new volunteers based on their interests and abilities, as well as the church’s needs.

As an example, the video shows a newly planted area along the main entry. We have installed hardy perennials and bulbs. We still have a small patch of turf grass to remove and mulch to be spread.  A gardener who adopted this area would keep it weeded, cut off spent blooms, and water the new transplants as needed. Click here to see the video.

Volunteers needed! If interested in learning more, contact Betty Long at b-long6120@sbcglobal.net  or 630-961-0258.