Learn About Us

What is the Grace Church Foundation? 

The Grace Church Foundation was created in 1992 out of the need to think to the future. It is a vehicle for people to make gifts that will create a stream of future income to be used to support the church’s mission. The Foundation works directly with donors to determine their passions for ministry and their wishes and discern together the best way they can use their gift to support the church’s mission.


The Grace Church Foundation exists solely to aid the church in achieving and accomplishing its missions and purposes. The Foundation is intended to provide financial resources for church purposes that are not included in the church’s annual operating budget; however, gifts which are intended to supplement programs and ministries are appropriate.


  • The Grace Church Foundation was established by and reports to the charge conference. The Foundation works closely with the church council and trustees. 

  • The Foundation’s Board members and officers are nominated annually by the charge conference.,

  • The Foundation is organized and functions in compliance with The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church

  • The Foundation has a review performed periodically by an outside auditor. 

Asset Management:

The Foundation invests your resources and manages your gifts to leave a lasting legacy of support for your wishes and the church’s mission.The Foundation maintains an investment objective and spending policy to provide a stream of income to support the church’s ministries and mission.The Foundation utilizes and works with outside financial advisors to accomplish our investment objectives.

Board of Directors:

  • Scott Oats – President/Secretary
  • John Abe – Vice-President
  • Scott Skooglund – Treasurer
  • Tim Ford
  • Gina Gramarosso
  • Melissa Hoekstra-Hecht
  • Ron Laub
  • Susan Patton