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Audio Visual Coordinator

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Provide audio/visual support to worship events at GUMC in a manner that enhances the worship experience and minimizes awareness of the technology itself. Support both classical and contemporary style services by scheduling team members according to needs.
Key Responsibilities
  • Oversees all aspects of audio, visual and lighting for worship services. Responsible for training and scheduling volunteer staff for audio, visual and live stream needs.
  • Live sound: Consistently ensures a quality live mix is achieved during Sunday morning worship services and as needed. Adjusts for specific audio needs of each song/speaker by making adjustments to IEM monitors, mixing board /mix and house speaker levels. Records audio as needed. Assist with scheduling and providing audio support at funerals and weddings as needed.
  • Visuals: Assists in creating slides in PowerPoint and Easy Worship. Assists with adding videos/visuals into the presentation as needed. Operates visual systems for live stream.
  • Ensures all technical equipment is set up optimally for rehearsals and services.
  • Maintains systems: Provide recommendations for equipment upgrades and scheduling of repairs.
  • Recruits and trains volunteers.
  • Interfaces with worship directors/pastors and Church Community Builder (Grace Connect) for full preparedness.
  • Is accountable to both worship directors on Sunday mornings and during special services.
  • Is accountable for ensuring audio and video recordings of services are completed and backed up to Amazon Web Services in a timely manner.
Other responsibilities may include:
  • Contributes creatively to worship services/planning through the technical arts.
  • Provides audio/visual support to other events - weddings, funerals, etc.
Minimum Qualifications
Hard Skills
  • Is trained as a sound technician with proficiency (or demonstrates potential proficiency) in running live sound.
  • Our services include both classical and contemporary music, with each service bringing its own needs and requirements.
  • Must have an ear for music and in-depth knowledge/appreciation of multiple musical genres and how to achieve a high quality mix for different genres. Great ear for audio blend is required.
  • Understands in-ear monitoring systems, cabling, mics, room acoustics.
  • Has working knowledge of various state-of-the art mixing boards (prior proficiency on Yamaha TF and Behringer X32 is preferred), sound systems, digital technology, projection systems.
  • Knows or shows aptitude for advanced learning of PowerPoint and demonstrate proficiency of EasyWorship by a mutually agreed upon date.
  • Must accept training on Church Community Builder and demonstrate proficiency by a mutually agreed upon date.
  • Knows how to record, edit, crop, and compress audio and video files (Adobe Premiere preferred but not required)
  • Knows how to operate video and lighting equipment. Camera skills and video editing experience required.
  • Knowledge of (or willing to be trained on) Amazon Web Services (specifically AWS Simple Storage Service) for archiving audio and video recording backups.
Soft Skills
  • Sees role as a ministry leader with a heart for worshiping God.
  • Has a strong passion to support the worship ministry of GUMC.
  • Understands worship philosophy.
  • Has strong communication and leadership skills.
  • Is willing to learn from and teach others with patience.
  • Collaborates well with others.
  • Continually seeks improvement.
  • Welcomes constructive input.
Personal Characteristics
  • Extremely reliable and trustworthy.
  • Demonstrates a high confidence level in troubleshooting and problem solving.
  • High relational and emotional intelligence.
  • Flexible.
  • Self-leading and a self-starter.
  • Organized & detail-oriented.
  • Composed under pressure
Education and Experience
  • 1 year experience volunteering or working in church production.
Job Details
Job Type
Reports To
Preaching Pastor
To be considered for this position, please send a cover letter, your resume, and references to