Why Church? 

Because there IS more to life!

Statistics tell the church has lost its gleam as the shining center of our communities. Instead, most view church as a peripheral obligation, optional for all but a committed few. So, the people of Grace are on a journey to re-discover the ‘Why’ behind our participation in church. What drives the need to meet, to give, to worship, to learn and to love in community? What are the challenges and what are the benefits? What do we tell others who question the need to give up their time? How do you share the holy moments you’ve known through Grace? 

Join us in worship as we:

  •  Pursue the covenant we make as members of Grace UMC;

    • Prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness … Jan. 21-Feb. 26

  •  Pursue the questions that arise in the church’s teachings;

    • What do you believe around God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Forgiveness, the Church and Resurrection

    • Lent: March 4-April 14

  • Pursue our place in the community, shaped and formed as we live the covenant life together.

    • Who is My Neighbor? Easter Season: April 15-May 14

As we explore why we’re here, perhaps we can discover the ‘More’ together.