Youth Ministry

All Grace Youth Ministry Gatherings are currently happening online! Our weekly Zoom meeting schedule is 8th - 12th Grades on Wednesday evenings from 7 p.m. - 8 p.m. and 6th-7th Grades on Tuesdays from 7 p.m. - 8 p.m. Contact Gaye Lynn Loufek, Director of Youth Ministries at for more information.

Life is a journey.  We walk this journey as children, youth, and adults.  A strong relationship with God shapes our journey, allowing us to find our identity, seek belonging, and come to know our purpose.  Having people of faith in our lives helps to answer the important questions:  Who am I?  Where do I belong? What am I here for?

Youth ministry at Grace strives to walk with young people from 6th – 12th grades as they begin to answer these questions for themselves while learning from other people of faith. 

Our Open Doors Ministry provides support to individuals with special needs, so that all persons can worship and fully participate in life at church.




Confirmation 2020-2021: Grace UMC is excited to offer our full Confirmation Program for this upcoming year. We will begin in late August, when the school year resumes, and we will celebrate the completion of Confirmation in late March. We do not anticipate any disruptions from the current COVID-19 pandemic, but the pastors and staff at Grace are prepared to make adjustments if needed.

What is Confirmation? Confirmation is our response to baptism. In baptism, we recognize and celebrate God’s gifts of grace, forgiveness, and love as we are welcomed into Christ’s universal Church. During Confirmation we respond to God’s gifts, learning more about God, Jesus, the Spirit, the Bible, and the Church but also exploring how to follow Jesus and how to actually be the church as God intends.
The Confirmation Program at Grace UMC provides our youth with an opportunity to build new relationships within the church, engage in mission opportunities, study the scriptures, and explore their beliefs and doubts. Confirmation is not the end of our faith journey but just the beginning; confirmands will be introduced to resources within the church and beyond that will assist them in the lifelong journey of discipleship.

Please feel free to reach out to Gaye Lynn ( or Pastor Daniel (daniel.cochran@peopleofgrace.orgwith any questions.