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Gardeners Rally to Transform Entry Bed

Grace Gardeners have answered the call to transform the main entry garden bed where the maple tree was lost. Since plants there were shade-lovers, they were not going to survive full sun. After the tree was cut down and the stump ground, Bob Schmitt came to the rescue with a rototiller to chop up the dense network of surface maple tree roots. Grace Gardeners then pitched in, transplanting hundreds of Solomon seal tubers out to other shady areas. Many also divided perennials from the campus and elsewhere, moving them to the bed. This took many days throughout the month of May.

Finally, with temperatures getting too warm for making plant divisions, the bed was finished off with annuals. A new Red Sunset maple was donated, and costs were kept below $150. Thank you to gardeners who “dug in”: Betty Long with assistance from Linda Fronk, Barbara Hartman, Jean Ives, Brenda Miskiewicz, Beth Pacanowski, Gary Pauline, Joe Roop, Bob Schmitt, and Amy Westerhold. Now the challenge is to keep it watered in what is shaping up to be a dry summer.


On final day of planting with Gary Pauline, Amy Westerhold, Linda Fronk, and Brenda Miskiewicz and bed transformation as of late June.

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