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Grace UMC Renovation II

On Tuesday, June 27, the Grace Leadership Council authorized funding to tackle a series of projects focused on continued renovation of our Grace Facility, and particularly considering expanded potential for Fellowship Hall. Beyond banquets, luncheons, seasonal markets, lectures, and presentations, there is an opportunity for Fellowship Hall to also serve as an attractive 9G Worship space, with adjacency to the Children's Center. This will additionally free up the Grace Activity Center for a variety of events and activities on every day of the week. We have again engaged JNKA Architects to help us with design concepts. They will also assess issues with high summer humidity and mustiness in Fellowship Hall and the Music Wing. Our team working with JNKA include

  • John Bodine

  • Ron Laub – Facility

  • Pastor Eric Blachford – Adult Programs

  • Pastor Kim Neace – Children’s Programs

  • Lynn Leitzen – Music Director

  • Kathy Carey – United Women of Faith

  • Gaye-Lynn Loufek – ex officio Youth Programs

One important project that will proceed in August will be replacement of Sanctuary lighting with LED fixtures. This is a critical improvement to save energy and labor costs, and align Grace UMC with the Northern Illinois Conference NetZero 2050 initiative (zero net carbon emissions by year 2050).

For work that can get started immediately, we will again rely on our "Grace Volunteer Crew" to carry the ball, specifically to:

  • complete ceiling tile replacement in the Music Wing - July 10 to July 14

  • continue installation of LED lighting – date July & August

  • replace our phone system with updated equipment (installing mounting brackets) - date July to August

Ron Laub has been managing contact with our contractors and material suppliers, and now, with funding authorized, we can try to get as much done over the summer months as possible. Our first effort will be replacing ceiling tiles in the music wing. Please bear with us as we work our way through the building. Notice of future work efforts will be communicated, and as we develop architectural concepts for Fellowship Hall, we’ll convene review and Q&A sessions for members.

John Bodine

Ron Laub

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