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Rapid Response When Compassion Calls for Action

How to Help Immigrants Arriving Daily

We can watch the news as of late and wonder at the callousness of humanity. War is always complicated, with deep-seated rationales on all sides. It is overwhelming to hear the news, knowing all we can do is watch and pray. But there is also another human catastrophe happening closer to home. And here we can do more than watch and pray. Here is where awareness leads us to compassion which calls for action:

Immigrants from the border are arriving daily in the city of Chicago. Recent reports say many are from Venezuela, a country with a broken economic and political system. There are currently 11,000 migrants in city-run shelters and over 3,000 currently waiting for placement, with an average of 1,000 more arriving daily. Shelters consist of tent encampments that can be assembled quickly but that, as of now, are not winterized. Many of these families started out this journey with the resources required to get them here and to start a new life. But those resources were confiscated or stolen along the way. And so, they arrive completely at the mercy of others. And those ‘others’ are us.

We can see the need for warm clothing and supplies. We’re good at providing those things! And there’s an easy way to do that. There is a “Rapid Response” wish list that has been set up on Amazon Rapid Response Wish List on Amazon with coats, boots, gloves, diapers, etc. that can be purchased for these immigrants. The above website link offers additional ways to help.

Jesus said as you do for the least of these you do so for me. Whatever your opinion on the immigration policies, the people are already here and winter is coming. As you visit Amazon, add an item to your cart that will mean the world for another.

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