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bible challenge


In an effort to live into our mission of forming disciples of Jesus Christ who further the Kingdom of God, we are seeking to spend the new year deepening our connection with God and others by reading the entire Bible together from Genesis to Revelation from January to December.


The Bible contains what we believe is our defining story as Christians, and yet less the 11% of American Christians have ever read the Bible in full. Only about 15% have read half. Reading the Bible can be intimidating. There's confusing words, names, and places. There's troubling parts full of violence, destruction, and anger. We're busy people who have more to do than we have hours in a day. But together we can do this!


By signing up below, you will receive daily emails from Pastor Eric that contain the scriptures to read for the day (about 3 chapters), along with a link to an audio recording of Pastor Eric reading the scripture to you. You are also registering your participation so that you can be asked at a later time to indicate how much of the challenge you've completed. If you complete 50% or 100% of the readings by the end of 2024, Pastor Eric will make a donation to Feed My Starving Children in honor of your accomplishment. In addition, for 100% completion, you will receive a custom made "Bible Year Challenge" metal medallion.


We will be using a resource called "The Bible Year" which you may purchase by clicking here that offers a weekly summary of the passages and daily devotional reflection questions. This resource is not required but highly recommended.


While you may do this challenge on your own, if you would be interested in discussing each week's readings in a small group, Pastor Eric will lead discussion study groups on Monday evenings at 6:00PM and Wednesday mornings at 10:00AM. Please indicate below if you are interested in one of those. A private Facebook page will also be created for you to join to post thoughts for discussion with others about your readings each day. 


If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Eric at or call the church office at 630-355-1748.

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