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IRA Gifts: An Easy Way to Save Taxes and Provide a Legacy of Support

Thank you to all members who give annually to Grace United Methodist Church. As we begin another year of ministry at Grace Church, we would like to remind you of an easy way to save taxes and provide a lasting legacy of support.

If you’re 70½ or older, you can make a tax-free transfer/gift to Grace Church Foundation. You won’t pay income taxes on the gift because the transfer doesn’t generate taxable income or a tax deduction.

And, if you are required to take minimum distributions, your gift can satisfy all or part of your RMD obligation.

Here are 3 simple steps to making an IRA gift:

1) Contact your IRA administrator and request/instruct that you would like make a QCD (qualified charitable distribution) to Grace Church Foundation.

2) You will need to provide:

Grace Church Foundation Tax ID #: 36-3912854

Address: 300 E. Gartner Rd., Naperville, IL 60540

Contact Name: Scott Oats, Foundation Chairman

3) Let us know about your plans so we can confirm receipt of the gift and send you an acknowledgment letter.

Gifts received by the Foundation are added to a general endowment fund that supports outreach and ministry programs and helps to maintain the physical upkeep of our church.

Questions can be directed to Scott Oats at

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