The Volgograd Coffee Shop

What is Grace UMC’s involvement in Russia?

What's New for Children in the Grace Church Library?

Recently, two new books arrived at the Grace Library...

Master Plan Update: Let's Revitalize Grace!

We reached a final conceptual rendering of our Grace Renovation Master Plan and began cost assessment on Wednesday June 28 with a visit by a construction team associated with JNKA Architects.

Can We Talk?

So, what’s the deal with The United Methodist Church and the Issue of homosexuality? And do we really have to talk about it at Grace?

NEW THIS FALL! Pre-K Music Offering!

The Grace Children’s Music Ministry graded choir program is growing right along with your child to include Pre-K (3-5 year olds) beginning in September!

Grace -Filled Yoga

Have you considered trying out Grace-Filled Yoga but not sure what to expect?

Linking to the Library

Did you know you could access Grace’s Library online?

Grace Names 2K Neighbors to Love

It seems that Grace people know a lot of people!

Welcoming Our Guests

While on vacation recently, I decided to take the girls to Sunday worship at a friend’s church.

There’s nothing better than Summer Sundays at Grace!

Summer Worship:  Holy Heroes, Human Nature and a Good Cup of Coffee!

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